Hello, nice to meet you!
My name is Katrin and I am UI designer by heart – always smiling no matter the situation. As translator, I love to turn concepts into a visual language that fits perfectly with the products’ identity. It‘s all about user needs to end up creating an intuitive experience.
This process is always a team effort, about collaboration and I
am fully committed.

Starting point of my work is to dive deep and understand users pain points and their needs. E
ven better to not only solve problems but  identify before arising. Diving into user interviews and user testing from early stage on is essential to end up with product design that solves problems and help users to simplify their lives.
Katrin Horstkemper
UI Designer
Senior Art Director
Creative Lead


Still want to know more?
Ok, let‘s take a deeper look!
My current position: UI/UX Designer at Bryte
At Bryte I am working on an interactive re-skilling & up-skilling platform (saas) build for teams – called Airtrain. With Airtrain you can setup-up and run practice focused training programs, ranging from employee onboarding to leadership training. It combine the latest training science with a user-centered learning experience to deliver impactful, skill focused team and leadership training. Airtrain is fully integrated in your software stack and day-to-day workflows to ensure efficient, cost-effective and engaging continuous trainings.

As a part of a team of 2 in UX/UI department, I have been setting up the design system/component library in Figma (based on MUI library) to build a base for our wish to not only create a visual pleasing but also easy to use product. So this is solved by consistency, clear color palette, navigation elements as well as using elements users are familiar with and not trying fancy but misleading alternatives.

Teamwork is done like this: There is a wide range from being a sparring partner to my UX partner and having ideations to talk about best possible flows and avoid user frustration as well as talking about visual translations from provided lo-fid wireframes into high fidelity screens within a short period while keeping a professional and modern look and the important topics like accessibility and usability in mind.

I am used to have daily stand ups with FE and BE, english as business language and present my ideas. Also testing and ensuring, that components and Design is implemented right is routine and part of my working process and approach. As we all are human, It is important to stay open for alternatives, recommendations how thing could be solved easier and get FE and BE early on be sure meeting the deadline.

The MVP of Airtrain was done from September until end of November.

Life Before Entering UI/UX Design
Before discovering my passion for digital world, I had been working for over 10 years in branding. Due to this, I have a deep knowledge in communication and empathy with various national and international customers. In the project teams I led, I longed for design solutions that were tailored to their respective target group. That’s why I know how to support a brand and strengthens its appearance. I have worked in agencies and on the corporate side. This experience helps to provide an overall impression and know-how that not only focuses on the product, but also on the overall design of the brand in the market. 
While working on various projects on corporate side and in agencies I could gather a lot of experience.
During this time I worked for phantastic clients, such as Triumph, Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-AMG, GORE® (GORE®-TEX®, GORE®-WINDSTOPPER®), Michelin and BillyBoy.
Clients I have worked for*

— Mercedes-Benz
— Mercedes-AMG
— Triumph
— Billy Boy
— Michelin
— Sandoz
— Von Rundstedt
— Cornelsen


*during my permanent positions
Collaboration Freelancer

— Brand Pulses
— minigram, Studio für Markendesign

— Design systems
— Web and mobile app design
— UI elements and hierarchy

— User-centered design
— Wireframes
— Prototyping

— User testing, A/B Testing
— Basics HTML/CSS

— Graphic Design
— Editorial Design
— Typography
— Lead teams

— Figma
— Sketch

— InVision
— Usability Hub
— Adobe InDesign
— Adobe Illustrator
— Adobe Photoshop

— Adobe Acrobat

— German (native)
— English (business proficiency)
— Spanish (basics)
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